Joe Sardaro Reflections, $12 with shipping, Call to purchase
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Hip but never over hip, Sardaro easily makes the jump from the
1920s to the 80s. Male pop jazz singers are a rare breed

Leonard Feather

On the tunes that swung, Sardaro showcased his rhythmic savvy.
He stretched out some phrases, cut other short, added some
funky endings, all in all working as much like an
improvising horn man as he did a singer.
Zan Stewart

Musicians: John Funkhouser – Piano; Joe Hunt – Drums; Jeff Galindo – Trombone; Greg Loghman – Bass; Gillian Delear – Drums; Martin Dalmasi – Sax and Flute; Joe Sardaro – Vocals | Photo credits: Tom Curry – Cover; Rick Maida – Inside | Manufacturing and printing: Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ. USA


1. All of you (C Porter)
2. Yardbird Suite (C. Porter / J. Hendricks)
3. Nature Boy (Eden Ahbez)
4. If you Could See Me Now (T. Dameron / C. Sigman)
5. What is This Thing Called Love (C. Porter)
6. Perdido (Juan Tizol / Langferder Drake)
7. Reflections (Looking Back) (T. Monk / J. Hendricks)
8. Make Someone Happy (Jule Styne/A. Green/B. Comdon)
9. Laura (Raskin / J. Mercer)
10. On a Clear Day (A.J. Lerner/B. Lane)
11. Mixed Emotions (S. F. Loucheim)
12. I Only Have Eyes for You (A. Dubin/R. Warren)
13. Wrap Your Troublesome in Dreams (B. Moll /Harry Barris/T. Keohler)
14. Yesterday (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
15. Everything But You (D. Ellington/R. James)
16. Massachusetts (A. Razaf/L. Roberts)

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