Joseph Sardaro’s creative mind started at an early age. The process of painting, its challenges and the satisfaction of being an artist was developed at the Philadelphia College of Art. During a tour of duty with the US Army, photography became a source of visual creativity. After a long career as an interior designer, which utilized his knowledge of color and design elements, he has returned to painting. Currently he is on a scholarship at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, studying painting with acrylic.

To view and/or purchase paintings, call 617.522.5009.


These works represent my love and passion of painting and capture the essence of moods that
hopefully engage the viewer in the pleasure of my work.


Art Sampling

This online portfolio, here offered by name, is not comprehensive. More paintings are available in the studio.

Red Gown

Frozen Branches


Zimbabwean Protest

Woodland Music

Winter Horse


Appian Way Rome

Bio Hazhard Rooster

Carnivale Rio

Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera Dance

Day Lily

Fall Scene

Frozen Branches

Fukashema Nightmare

Homage to Hitchkock

House and Barn

Iris a la Van Gogh

Lake Scene

Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming

Misty Willows

Mojave Desert

Patriotic Rooster

Refuse Garden of Eden

In the Distance

Tribute to Japan


Rooster 2

Mixed Media Rooster

House and Barn

Lake Scene

Freckled Phalaenopsis

Indian Majesty


Joanne's Tree

Joanne's Garden